• Slope simulation


  • Accurate measurement


  • Power output



More accurate

Direto X was created to integrate our range of interactive bicycle home trainers with an even more accurate model for a product that was already among the high range of powerful and stable hometrainers to begin with. The OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) gives the Direto X its high data accuracy while training - the innovative integrated power meter detects power output with a ± 1,5% increased accuracy compared to the Direto.


Absolute accuracy

The OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) ensures Direto X data accuracy while training. This is an innovative integrated power meter for the hometrainer to measure power output with a ± 1,5% accuracy, 0.5 % more than the ± 2% accuracy measured by the Direto.  

Direto X is the only hometrainer in the world, after the Drivo II and Direto, to really measure power output while training via an integrated power meter, that's why it sets itself apart as one of the most accurate hometrainers on the market. 

Increased power outputCompared to its predecessor, the Direto X automatically adjusts resistance and simulates the most challenging slopes, up to an 18% max gradient - 4% more than what the Direto could do.To do so, Direto X gets to an increased power output of 2100 W at a 40 km/h speed. This unprecedented power level ensures excellent performances even during particularly intense training sessions - you'll be able the check out all your training charts at a glance, conduct tests to evaluate your fitness level, do reps and high speed sprints at max power. Any type of training you want is available to you thanks to the Direto X.


A superior precision that makes Elite trainers the most accurate in the world

OTS is a power meter based on an optical sensor technology that measures the torsion of the trainer axis and on sophisticated electronics processing.

This power meter is able to read the power output with exceptional precision.

For example, the OTS inside the DRIVO II indicates the power output with the accuracy of +/- 0.5% (for the DIRETO the accuracy is 2%).

Elite DIRETO X Smart Trainer

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